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Hello, my name is CJ, I am an empty nest blogger. I graduated from "The School of Hard 

Knocks". I obtained my degree in Motherhood, with a minor in Marriage and Divorce. I just

turned fifty-one years old, on Friday October 13,2018, as a matter of fact, I was born on 

Friday the 13th. I am a divorced mom of two young adult's. My oldest child, Angel, is 

twenty-three and her sister, Michelle, is twenty years old. My parents have both gone on 

to be with the Lord. I have one younger sister and a baby brother. I also have six nieces 

and nephews and one great-nephew. We all reside in the same county, within a ten mile 

radius of one another, in North West Tennessee. My oldest and one of my dearest best

friends- Patricia- has been a treasure in my life, although she is older than dirt, lovingly

speaking. She is a true pearl. We have been and remained best friends since our third

grade school year.

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